Taurus – STOMP-HEAD 2.CL – Guitar Stomp Amp





Amplificador de guitarra en formato pedal, con emulación de gabinete.

New definition of guitar amps.
Until today, guitarists could only choose between two types of amplifiers: heads and combos. Now, we are introducing a completely new breed: The Stomp-Head.

The Stomp-Head 2.CL is an extremely light and small but still powerful and great sounding guitar amplifier. The amplifier can be placed either on a stage floor just beside the effects, in a traditional way as a head amp, on the top of the speaker cabinet, or set up on an effect board. It features two foot switches that  allow fast channel changes and muting the amp during the performance.

Stomp-Head 2.CL (2 footswitches)

  • Technology Master Tube Design
  • Power output: 60W RMS with a power brake to 25W
  • Power Stage Efficiency: 130Watt
  • 2 channels: CLEAN and LEAD
  • 3 different sounds: CLEAN, CRUNCH and DRIVE
  • 2 foot-switches: CHANNEL (Clean/ Lead), MUTE
  • Input GAIN BOOST
  • Effect loop
  • LINE OUTPUT with speker simulation
    External controlel input for CLEAN/LEAD channel select

    LINE OUTPUT with speker simulation

  • Additional input for external channel selector/controller

Everywhere you go keep your sound on you!

The Stomp-Head 2 Classic is based on a MTD (Master Tube Design) technology. It is our own groundbreaking technology which allowed us to create powerfull guitar amplifiers in very compact shape. This technology uses all the significant features of tubes which determine the classic sound of guitar amps. We offer players a fully analog amplifier with extremely light weight, very compact dimensions and powerful sound. The sound characteristics and power of our MASTER TUBE based amplifiers are equal to the classic tube amps with the same power rating.

Guitarist has an access to two channels: CLEAN and LEAD, while CLEAN channel gives two different sounds: CLEAN or slightly distorted CRUNCH type. CRUNCH can be smoothly adjusted by a potentiometer.

The Stomp-Head is equipped with two foot switches installed on the chassis. The first one allows quick channel switching, while the second mutes the amp. CLEAN and LEAD channel can be also selected by external controler.

Unit is equipped with power selector that allows to set 60Watt or 25Watt and it is designed to work with 4, 8, and 16 ohm cabinets (Power Amp will auto-adjust to speakers impedance)
Stomp-Head can be used also as a guitar preamp without connecting speaker cabinet.

LINE OUT with a speaker cabinet simulation allows the connection of the amplifier to a mixer or an external power amp. LINE OUT signal simulates the sound of the 4×12 CELESTION Vintage 30 cabinet. Device is also equipped with a serial effect loop.

  • Power output – 60 Watt / 4ohm, 8ohm,16ohm
  • Power brake to 25Watt
  • Power stage efficiency: 130Watt
  • Auto detection speakers impedance
  • Tubes: 12AX7
  • 2 channels: CLEAN and LEAD
  • 2 footswitches: CHANNEL [Clean/ Lead], MUTE
  • LEAD channel controls: DRIVE, BASS, MIDDLE, TREBLE, VOLUME
  • PRESENCE mode switch
  • Input GAIN boost
  • Serial effect loop
  • LINE OUTPUT with speaker simulation
  • Additional input for external channel selector/controller
  • Power output selector
  • Dimensions: [H x W x Dl] 80 x 290 x 190 mm
  • Weight: 1.8kg