Taurus – Abigar Bass Drive MK2





The ABIGAR MK-2 is an extremely versatile bass guitar DRIVE from the latest Taurus effects line.
The most significant feature of the ABIGAR, imperative for the sound of instruments, is it’s dynamic «Drive» which still keeps even the most distorted sound of bass guitar in full range of attack and pulsation.
Using the ABIGAR Mk-2 the warm sound of tube amplifier as well as extreme MODERN- DRIVE are very easily obtainable.

  • LEVEL – overall effect volume
  • CHARACTER – balance and mix between VINTAGE and MODERN sound
  • GAIN – amount of overdrive
  • BASS – low frequencies level control
  • TREBLE – high frequencies level control
  • POWER SUPPLY VOLTAGE RANGE 9-12V: any power supply with power rating between 9 and 12V can be used.
  • POLARITY AUTO DETECTION: allows using either centre-positive or negative polarity on power supply
  • DC ASSISTANT: protection against signal loss. If disconnected or the voltage is lower then 6V the effect is automatically switched to the «bypass» mode.
  • DC CONVERTER: Built-in voltage converter which increases voltage of effect’s  power supply to 24V. It guarantees very high sound’s dynamic (headroom) and eliminates any problems related to active electronics installed in the guitar.
  • DIMENSIONS: (H x W x D) 65 x 96 x 144mm
  • WEIGHT: 0,5kg