Este increíble amplificador basado en los circuitos ingleses clase A con dos tubos EL84 tiene todo el sonido boutique que has escuchado en muchos discos clásicos, permitiendo ir de limpio a un crunch que pocos amplificadores logran.

One of our most popular and versatile amplifiers, the Dizzy 30 was our response to one of the most sought after amplifiers in
guitar history. Combining classic tones with modern features, the Dizzy 30 is a true benchmark in hand-wired, Class A tone.
Over time, we have branched our offerings in this family of amplifiers. We recently added the Crème Brulee, a no-frills amplifier
offering the best of dual EL84 tones.

The Crème Brulee utiziles a preamp similar to the “EF86 channel” from a late 1950s AC15. This preamp has a wide frequency
response and impressive clean and overdriven tones. Despite its simplicity, it offers a variety of no-compromise tone
Importantly, we hope the Crème Brulee becomes an integral part of your tone equation to exhilarate your playing and music.

Rock on!



15 Watts full tubo

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V1 – EF86 (input) NOTE – do not substitute any other tube types for V1, the EF86 position!
V2 – ECC83 / 12AX7 (phase inverter)
V3,V4 – EL84 (power tubes) (par matcheado)
V5 – 5AR4/GZ34 (rectifier)